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Recent history is FULL of examples of those who weren't forward thinking enough to identify and adapt to emerging technologies – from Bethlehem Steel to Borders Bookstore. Organizations large and small no longer have the benefit of doing things the way they've always been done – rapidly advancing technology is changing everything from how you do business to attracting and retaining new members.

It can be difficult for business leaders to correctly identify and leverage emerging trends since they are so busy with their many day-to-day responsibilities. It's the job of the foresight professional to spot developing trends and future innovations think about the impacts that emerging and converging trends and developments may have on you organization and its members.

Top five reasons for Organizations to consider Venture Foresight:

  1. You don’t have time to do this much research and thinking about the future: You have your job to do and that’s more than enough. Our job is to help you and your members see what they're not seeing.
  2. It’s critically important in an ever-changing business environment: As you've seen all around you, the world is changing fast. Let Venture Foresight be your guide to the near future.
  3. You need an outsider’s perspective: It's easy to become an echo chamber for the ideas of those with vested interests. An informed - yet outside - perspective can help you take an unbiased look at the realities and possibilities for your organization.
  4. We can be catalyst for discussion and action: Working with a foresight professional is going to get your member’s talking, and with solid actionable advice, will provide them with a clear path to making the changes needed to thrive in the future.
  5. What happens if you aren't thinking about the future?


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