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Three Unconventional Trends Transforming Farming

By Simon J. Anderson and Jack Uldrich In many respects, agriculture has long been a leader in adopting new technology. This might surprise some people, but it makes sense. Consider that in 1900, more than 40% of the American workforce was directly involved agriculture. Today it’s less than 2%. It took a great deal...
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5 Unexpected Trends Impacting The Future of Supply Chain Management

As a futurist, I see countless articles posted about the impacts of robotics, the integration of Internet of Things devices and sensors, and the increase in globalization in the supply chain. Since these are well-covered topics, I’m going to cover some unexpected trends and technologies (or unexpected impacts from expected trends) that supply...
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“Big Dog” Gets a Little Brother, “Spot”

In the last few days this video of Boston Dynamic's new robot, Spot, has been all over the Internet. Spot is a smaller (and battery, not gas, powered) version of their robot "Big Dog" that both intrigued and terrified people a few years ago. Admittedly, it's difficult to watch Spot running around an office building, climbing hills and stairs, and walking in lock step with another Spot without visions of a dystopian Terminator-like future where herds of Spots hunt humans. Of course, this is still at least two years away (kidding!) so for now we should consider the amazing potential of Spots that are used for good. Search-and-rescue, bomb detection... even delivery services are all well within the realm of possibility. It will still be unsettling the first time a Spot (or one of its relatives) walks through a public area though. Given the pace of advancements in robotics in the last six months, it shouldn't be long before this is a reality.

Futurist Review: Prometheus (2012)

Below are a just a few of many examples, areas where I think Ridley Scott and co. got it wrong…very, very wrong, as well as a few aspects that were spot-on.

By: Simon Anderson

Editor’s Note:

This is the first installment of a new feature on “Futurist Reviews”

*spoiler alert...

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