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Three Unconventional Trends Transforming Farming

By Simon J. Anderson and Jack Uldrich In many respects, agriculture has long been a leader in adopting new technology. This might surprise some people, but it makes sense. Consider that in 1900, more than 40% of the American workforce was directly involved agriculture. Today it’s less than 2%. It took a great deal...
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Foresight Bite: Waiters and Elevator Operators

Have you ever wished you could just walk into a restaurant order your food and go pick up it up when it's ready? Like take-out to dine-in. I have. Currently, the going rate of 3-4 quick interactions with a server is 20% of your bill. To me, it's usually not worth it - I'd rather spend...
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Cooking with Chef Watson

My first experience as a beta-tester for IBM's new "Chef Watson" app

By: Simon Anderson A few days ago, my wife and I were delighted to find out that my application to be a beta tester for IBM's Chef Watson app had been accepted. Creating unique and delicious...
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Eating Optional – The Future of Food

New options are becoming available that will allow you to replace traditional food. What could the impacts of alternative food be on our lives and our economy?

By: Simon Anderson

Have you ever felt tired of eating? Not just that last bit of lasagna you’re trying to finish, but eating in general? Meals are expensive,...

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Important Trends of 2013

New technologies are beginning to affect every aspect of our lives now and new devices and products are frequently popping up in unexpected places. It’s no longer just a thinner smartphone or a faster computer available each year marking our march of progress – it’s a refrigerator that knows what’s inside it and...

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