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Five Trends Transforming the Future of Cities – Trend One: Transportation

Emerging and Converging technologies will transform cities into something that looks and feels much different than it does today. Because our lives are so closely tied to the cities that we live and work in, these changes will profoundly impact us. This is part one of a five-part series on the near-future of cities. In each one,...
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Foresight Bite: Missing the Point (to Point)

Yesterday, Quartz posted an article about how many truck drivers don't think automation and self-driving vehicles will impact their jobs for at least forty years(!). Without going into the psychology behind why people inherently think their job could never be done by a machine (even if they believe everyone else's could be) I would...
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Foresight Bite: Waiters and Elevator Operators

Have you ever wished you could just walk into a restaurant order your food and go pick up it up when it's ready? Like take-out to dine-in. I have. Currently, the going rate of 3-4 quick interactions with a server is 20% of your bill. To me, it's usually not worth it - I'd rather spend...
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Foresight Bite: How to Prevent the Future of Jaywalking

One of the many concerns that have been raised about a world of self-driving vehicles is that people will take advantage of the fact that a self-driving car will stop if you walk in front of it. Someone could dart onto a busy road, and as long as all the vehicles were self-driving, they wouldn't...
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