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Connected for Life: Our Intractably Tech-Filled Future

How long will it be until we are so connected and integrated with technology that we can no longer separate ourselves from it? It’s no secret that smartphones have changed the way we live. Most of us are never more than a few feet away from our phones for more than a few minutes a...
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Five Trends Transforming the Future of Cities – Trend One: Transportation

Emerging and Converging technologies will transform cities into something that looks and feels much different than it does today. Because our lives are so closely tied to the cities that we live and work in, these changes will profoundly impact us. This is part one of a five-part series on the near-future of cities. In each one,...
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Foresight Bite: Missing the Point (to Point)

Yesterday, Quartz posted an article about how many truck drivers don't think automation and self-driving vehicles will impact their jobs for at least forty years(!). Without going into the psychology behind why people inherently think their job could never be done by a machine (even if they believe everyone else's could be) I would...
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