About Venture Foresight

Venture Foresight Helps Associations, Cities, and Organizations Be More Future-Resilient.

Venture Foresight, LLC was founded in 2013 by strategic foresight consultant, author, and keynote speaker Simon J. Anderson.  Our services are focused on helping leaders identify, assess, and leverage new advancements and emerging technologies to help them navigate today’s rapidly changing business environment.

At Venture Foresight, we are fully engaged in identifying important emerging and converging technologies and trends and committed to understanding how they will impact our lives as consumers and as professionals. Never before in history has there been a time when businesses needed to be thinking about the future as much as today; that's only going to be more true as technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented and increasing pace.

We provide a variety of services developed to leverage the future. From customized keynotes to consulting reports, we can help you better recognize the trends and technologies that could impact your organization and industry, and provide you with specific actions you can take to be more future-resilient.



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