About Founder Simon J. Anderson

About Founder Simon J. Anderson

Futurist Simon Anderson

Futurist Simon Anderson

Simon J. Anderson is a professional futurist, keynote speaker, startup entrepreneur and emerging technology and trends consultant. He co-authored the 2014 Bellwether Award winning book “Foresight 20/20: A Futurist Explores the Trends Transforming Tomorrow” with fellow global futurist Jack Uldrich.

Simon is dedicated to helping leaders and organizations recognize emerging technologies and trends. Having traveled to more than 25 countries, Simon brings a global perspective to his work. He is also a former advisor to several technology startups and a global education non-profit. Simon’s work was recently featured in the World Future Society’s monthly newsletter, “The Futurist” and the Austrian management magazine the “Hernsteiner”.

Simon graduated in 2010 from the Florida State University, College of Business, where he double majored in finance and multinational business operations. He also worked in the telecom industry for nearly ten years in a variety of roles from technical consultant to retail sales manager.

Simon and his wife Helena Cruz Sanchez reside in Minneapolis, MN.

Quick Summary:

  • Co-author of the 2014 Bellwether award-winning book, "Foresight 20/20: A Futurist Explores the Trends Transforming Tomorrow"
  • International Keynote Speaker
  • Strategic Foresight Consultant
  • Key Member of the Communities of the Future Network
  • Former Advisor for the Esperance Education Institute, an education non-profit
  • Graduate of the College of Business, Florida State University, double majoring in Finance and Multinational Business Operations
  • Global perspective on business from traveling to 25+ countries
  • Originally from Eau Claire, WI
  • Currently based in Minneapolis, MN with wife Helena Cruz Sanchez



From a young age, Simon has been passionate about emerging technology and the future. He has also been an entrepreneur at heart since he first learned that someone could create their own business. Simon’s first business, like many other entrepreneurs, was a lemonade stand. Except his was different – he quickly learned that his economically depressed neighborhood was not a good market, so he loaded everything up on an old wagon and took his business on the road, selling in nearby neighborhoods with a more receptive client base.

After graduating from high school, Simon’s love of new technology lead him to apply to join the Airforce, but a knee injury from playing basketball kept him out. He went on work in a variety of fields that interested him from pizza delivery (where he designed a new delivery system that dramatically increased delivery efficiency) to high-end home theater equipment sales to a failed courier service startup.

At the age of 21, Simon became a part-time sales associate selling Sprint mobile phones. He enthusiasm for technology and finding the best solution for varied and complex customer needs resulted in his promotion eight separate times in his first three years, and he was ultimately given his own store with an inside and outside sales staff to manage.

Growing tired of Wisconsin’s cold winters, a few years later Simon and a friend moved to Tallahassee, FL where Simon launched a new Nextel retail store. He soon realized that he didn't want his boss’s job or her boss's job either, so he returned to school to pursue a double major in Finance and Multinational BuWedding Daysiness Operations. He continued to work full-time while taking a full course load and graduated from the College of Business, Florida State University in December, 2010.

Simon soon began working with acclaimed global futurist Jack Uldrich which lead to co-authoring Foresight 20/20 with him.

While in Tallahassee, Simon met his future wife Helena, and they were married on November 23, 2013 in St. Petersburg, FL.

Soon after graduating, Simon quit his job and started Four Dimensional Investments, LLC and began his career as a foresight professional. He launched the site Futur1st.com in support of his growing speaking and consulting career.

In 2013, Simon launched Venture Foresight, LLC, and began serving as Chief Foresight Officer. In October, 2014, VentureForesight.com was launched and Futur1st shuttered so all efforts could be in support of growing Venture Foresight and additional focus could be given to providing foresight services to associations, cities, and other organizations.


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